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SUMMER TIME NEWS - Healthy Travel Tips For A Feel Good Vacation

Traveling is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. It opens the mind, lifts the spirits and boosts my overall vitality. It's a great opportunity to switch off completely and enjoy some quiet time. Travel rejuvenates the soul and recharges our batteries so that we can come back to our everyday lives feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

I just got back from a crazy fun backpacking adventure in Cuba and Belize. By the way, if you want to go to Cuba, now is the time before regular flights open up from the USA and Western Culture, mass tourism and "modern conveniences" slowly make their way in. For Cuba, the best way to really experience its true essence, is to stay with families in Casa Particulars. It's affordable, comfortable and unique accommodation. The local people are very hospitable and kind. They will even cook you delicious meals upon request! Now that's what I'm talking about.

Belize is a nature junkies heaven. It is under populated and under developed (a rarity in this world), leaving the jungle and reef systems almost untouched. Hike, swim, kayak, ride bikes, scuba, snorkel... the list of amazing activities goes on. The key to getting around and meeting the locals is to catch the public buses and eat at the small neighborhood restaurants.

Although both of these countries are spectacular, you can be prone to getting sick while away. I certainly have fallen victim to my fare share of gut infections. For this reason, I highly recommend drinking bottled water and eating food that is well cooked. Here is a list of healthy travel tools that helped me to stay healthy, that you can take with you on your next holiday too:

Organic bug spray to keep those annoying mosquitoes and vicious sand flies away in a toxin-free kind of way!   

Magnesium citrate (400mg - 600mg per day with food) for natural relief from constipation.

Paragone by Renew Life for if you think you are coming down with a gut bug and don't want to resort to antibiotics. 

- A good travelers probiotic to prevent you from getting a nasty gut bug. Try taking Metagenics Ultra Flora Acute Care a few days before you go away, and then continue taking once a day, everyday for the rest of your trip. If you think you are coming down with a gut bug, then up the dose by taking it once in the morning and again at night. For diarrhea, lactobacillus is good probiotic strain to take. For constipation bifidobacterium is helpful (Ultimate Flora Critical Care is another good choice for supporting healthy and regular bowel movements).   

- Zinc supports a healthy immune system while traveling to help fight off any nasty gut bugs. You can find this at any reputable supplement store like Pharmaca. Quality is key with all supplements, so paying a little more is worth it!

- If you feel like you are coming down with a gut bug, and you need extra immune support on top of the zinc, try taking an herbal supplement called Astragalus Supreme by Gaia Herbs.

- Always pack organic hand sanitizer to use after going to the restroom, being on public transport and before eating a meal.

Note: I am not a doctor. I am just giving general suggestions that may help you to stay healthy on your next holiday. Please read supplement labels and directions for use before taking. If unsure, consult with your doctor.