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Sharing My Knowledge Of Eczema

As a little kid I had itchy eczema really bad on the back of my legs and unfortunately it flared back up for a while in my adult years. It made me investigate deeper what was causing this reaction for my body. I realized that eczema is an immune based (some say “autoimmune” driven) and inflammatory condition that is often connected to gut health, or lack of.

Photo by  Christy Q. Photography  (San Francisco based) 

Photo by Christy Q. Photography (San Francisco based) 

People who suffer with these irritating and unsightly flare-ups usually have one or all of the following:
-    Food sensitivities such as dairy and / or gluten
-    "Leaky gut" / damage to the gut lining
-    Dysbiosis: either an overgrowth of undesirable microbes or an infection / pathogenic parasite 

For me, it helped to do the following:  
-    Remove food triggers of eczema such as sensitivities to gluten and / or dairy (you can try an elimination diet, or order an IgG or IgG4 panel to find out more) 
-    Heal the gut lining by introducing therapeutic foods like grass-fed bone broth and / or supplements such as GI Revive  
-    Use natural anti-microbial supplements such as garlic and grapefruit seed extract to eliminate undesirable microbes (a comprehensive stool analysis ordered from, a Naturopath or Functional / Integrative Medical Doctor can help to identify imbalances in the GI tract)
-    Add in beneficial bacteria via probiotic supplements and / or fermented foods such as organic raw sauerkraut
-    Support the immune system with targeted nutrients including Vitamin D (from the sun or supplement if needed), Vitamin A (fully formed), Zinc (balanced with Copper), Vitamin C rich foods, and probiotics / fermented foods. *Note: fat-soluble Vitamins A and D need fat to be absorbed properly. Take all vitamins and minerals with food. 
-    Support skin health with all the nutrients listed above, and add natural anti-inflammatories such as omega 3 fatty acids and turmeric
-    Evening primrose oil is a fantastic supplement to help combat eczema 

You want to get to the root cause of this condition rather than temporarily suppressing the symptoms with medications and topical steroid creams that can and often do have considerable side effects. Mindfully managing stress is a key factor and so is eating a balanced diet rich in nutrient dense whole foods. Quality is everything! Best to avoid inflammatory foods and beverages such as refined sugars and carbs, including flour products and any overly processed foods, as well as alcohol. 

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