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My Interview With Australian Organic Awareness Month Supporter Belinda Hughes

Belinda Hughes is a professional beauty therapist and the proud creator of Natural Beauty Expert. Her mission is to showcase the best of the industry, educate readers on what natural beauty is and how to embrace it. Now that's my kind of woman! I had the honor of interviewing her recently for Australian Organic Awareness Month and here's what she had to say:

What excites you most about being able to spread the word about Australian Certified Organic?
Letting people know how widely accessible certified organic is now. There are great producers here in Australia without having to purchase products or produce from overseas. The ACO website is a fantastic resource, I was already using a couple of these products without realising they were certified with ACO!

Do you remember your first organic experience and what made you convert?
My first organic experience I think was with skincare. I just loved how much better the products felt and from then on would never go back to traditional products. Organic skincare just doesn’t do wonders for your skin it is also very nourishing to the body.

What’s your favourite Certified Organic product (both food and beauty) and why? 
My favourite Certified Organic beauty product is OrganicSpa. I love how they’re made to such a high standard here in Australia, the formulations are well thought out to not just be pure but also high performing. My favourite food product would have to be Pana Chocolate! I live in Richmond and have quite a few meetings there, can’t get enough! Treats can be delicious and good for you.

When you cook, what’s your signature dish and what Certified Organic ingredients do you like to use? 
I have a signature warm salad I like to do in autumn. I love using Certified Organic beetroot and carrots as well as the rest of the leaves. It’s delicious and nourishing and can be eaten on it’s own for with some protein. 

Tell us about the importance of Certified Organic skincare? 
Certified Organic skincare is so important because the skin needs nourishment just as much as the rest of our body. As the body’s largest organ, the skin protects us and absorbs what we put onto it. If the product is not certified then we are still taking in toxins from traditional farming methods and pesticides. To have a truly pure product, it must be certified organic.

What does living an organic lifestyle mean to you? 
It means taking care of myself in a really nourishing way. I have had a lot of hormonal issues in the past so I need to live as clean a lifestyle as possible to keep my body balanced. Being fit and healthy is very important to me so I have enough energy to do everything I need to do day to day and enjoy my life. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re feeling run down and sick.

If you could share just one take home message with everyone about why Certified Organic really matters, what would it be? 
I feel like preservation is the bigger issue here. Taking care of our farming land using sustainable practices so that we have an earth that is still taking care of us because we take care if it is imperative to our future survival.

What inspires you to take the very best care of yourself on a daily basis and what key components are part of your wellness regime? 
I like to feel great! I’ve had plenty of health challenges in my life with my digestion and hormones and you just can’t function when you’re sick. Key to my wellness regime is really good, fresh food, it gives me energy to run my business and be everything I need to be. I move my body daily and get restless if I don’t. Plus of course my organic beauty routine, I feel like it’s really important to nurture yourself. When you look good, you feel good. Plus everything shows on the outside, so if you’re trashing your body it will show up in your skin.

What is wellness to you? 
Wellness is balance. I don’t believe in restriction. Food is there to nourish us and if you eat well, you don’t need to worry about if ‘you should eat something or not’. Exercise should be enjoyable, not a punishment. Plus life should be fun! Go out and have that glass of wine with friends, socialising is very important to wellness so we don’t feel isolated in our busy lives, no one should be penalised for that. Finally wellness is nourishment, it’s so important to nourish ourselves everyday through food, exercise and our beauty routine.

What is your philosophy on food? 
Eat like your grandparents or great grand parents would have! Fresh organic green produce, grass fed meat, cooked fresh everyday. Keep anything processed to a minimum so your body gets the highest nutrition density out of your meals. Don’t be afraid of fat! Healthy fats nourish our bodies, keep us fuller for longer and help us absorb essential vitamins and minerals in our food. Pass the butter please…

Can you share your best natural beauty secret with us? 
There’s so many! Healthy diet and lifestyle, plenty of fresh water and sleep! Plus amazing organic products, preferably professional grade products to give your skin that extra boost!

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