Are you ready to put your health first once and for all, focus on your nutrition and create a life that you love? Work one on one with me to achieve your health goals successfully! I am here to guide, support and empower you to make better food and lifestyle choices for enhanced and sustainable vitality.
— Sarah Hawthorne

Personalized WELLNESS Program

Discover what, when and how to eat to look and feel amazing. After all, everyone could do with a boost in body image, self confidence and energy, right?! Ditch the confusing and unsustainable diets for a simple and balanced style of eating that feels natural and tastes delicious. Learn how to source and enjoy the highest quality foods that nourish your body from the inside out, enhancing your health and supporting the environment. Get inspired to finally make the changes you desire so that you can show up each day as the best version of yourself. I will share with you valuable information and practical tools to apply to your life so that you can have a positive relationship with your food, body and heal from the root cause.  



For clients who want a little extra hands on support, simply request your choice of the following to be part of your Personalized Wellness Program: 

  • Nourishing Kitchen Transformation

Detox your pantry and fridge by identifying the "junk" and replacing it with health promoting foods.

  • Meal Planning Strategy

Be prepared for the busy work week with healthy meals planned and prepped in advance to save you precious time and energy when you need it most.  

  • Healthy Food Shopping Tour

Discover how to master the grocery store aisles and fill your cart with nutrient dense foods that support your wellness goals.

  • Cooking Workshops

Develop basic skills and a newfound confidence in the kitchen by learning simple recipes that taste delicious.

  • Adolescents

For teenage girls transitioning from high school to college: This is a wonderful opportunity to learn valuable food and self care tools for the next big chapter of their lives.  One-on-one or group sessions available. 

  • Corporate Wellness

Learn how to embrace preventative health care and optimize productivity through a presentation for your work team. Discover what, when and how to eat for maximum daily energy. One-on-one coaching also available to employees.

Available in southern Marin and San Francisco proper


Presentations & Workshops

Allow me to host a wellness workshop in your home or workplace for your friends, family or colleagues.  My group events are fun and interactive, where the audience can participate in interesting discussions on hot health topics and learn simple ways to enhance their vitality.  Attendees will receive a selection of BONUS resources, recipes, handouts and giveaways.  Participants will walk away with practical nutrition and lifestyle tools that they can easily incorporate into their daily lives.  My presentations are personalized, inspiring and relatable.