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"Nothing is more important than feeling amazing on a daily basis and having special people to share life with!"

"Nothing is more important than feeling amazing on a daily basis and having special people to share life with!"

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a proud Aussie who lives with her husband in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. She is a lover of life, travel, nature, food and people. In Sarah’s free time you can find her hiking, practicing yoga, eating big salads at her favorite health food eateries, watching foreign movies and planning her next trip to some exotic country. Her biggest treasures in life are her home, her family, her husband and her health. 

Photos by Kari Humphrey | Kari Anne Photography

Photos by Kari Humphrey | Kari Anne Photography

Journey & Education

Sarah grew up on a total junk food diet and fell victim to health care professionals overprescribing medication. This created many health implications for her and she realized there had to be another way. That’s when she decided to educate herself about balanced nutrition and sustainable wellness through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in NYC. What Sarah learned was music to her ears - eating for ones unique body type and prioritizing self care is essential to sustainable wellness. She instantly felt she had to share this valuable knowledge with others. That’s when she created My Balance & Wellness and became a Certified Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Sarah continued studying clinical nutrition with Tracy Harrison from Eat on Purpose to help her clients heal from the root cause and become wildly satisfied.



Sarah’s approach is holistic in nature. When clients work with Sarah, they get a personalized wellness program full of inspiring health coaching sessions designed to get the results they desire. Sarah knows that there isn’t one way of eating that suits everyone. She listens to her clients needs then educates, guides and supports them all the way to achieving their goals. Sarah focuses on nourishing your body, taming excess inflammation, reducing stress, increasing energy and healing from the root cause. 



Sarah has collaborated with or been featured on the following websites: 7x7, MindBodyGreen, Food Matters, Joyus, Nuts.com, Apartment 34, Sakara Life, Clean Program, Sivana Spirit, Vegie Head, Berry Breeze, Thistle, Jayms Ramirez Photography, The Metabolic Clock by Julie Rennie, Positive Med, Catherine McCormack of Maisie-Online, 24 East, Artisana Organics and Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty.

She is available for workshops, videos, public speaking, original articles / blog posts and more.  Please contact her for more information.