My Balance & Wellness
with Sarah Hawthorne


"Create a life you love and let your inner beauty light up the world."

Mike wanted to "tighten up" his nutritional needs: "Sarah is fantastic! I worked with Sarah in order to tighten up my nutritional and diet needs, and she was everything I could have asked for in a nutritionist. Sarah was enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm was infectious as well as motivating. I felt that Sarah deeply cared about my health and wellness, and she went out of her way to answer all my questions and get me in the right direction. I am very grateful to Sarah for her help!!!"

Jon has lost up to 60 pounds to date and is off all his medications except for 1 (which he is working on - stay tuned): "More than a year ago, I started on the path to vital health. I needed steady-as-a-rock support and guidance. My goals were to shed a lot of pounds, and to lose all of my medications. I wanted to find the keys for me personally. Working with Sarah in her program, I learned that the keys for me were self-love, persistence, and healthy food (planning, shopping, preparing, and enjoying!). Sarah’s program helped me get the most out of each day, and all of those days brought me closer to meeting my goals. In our first session, she told me two things I will never forget. First, embrace SOUL, standing for food that is Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local. I don’t always follow this, but it is the blueprint that I always come back to. And second, the path to health is intertwined in the path of your daily life, which needs to have enjoyment, fun, creativity, and peaceful moments as well. Sarah helped me build that foundation that supports my wonderful healthy self now. It has taken me one year, starting with 6 months in Sarah’s program, but I have met my goals of overall health. It has been a slow and steady marathon, not a mad dash. I don’t think it could have worked any differently for me."

Jim: “If you’re looking for ways to improve your diet and eating habits, Sarah is the perfect guide and coach -- thoughtful, enthusiastic, and fun.  Highly recommended!” 

Madeline was thrilled to have more energy and relief from her symptoms: "Sarah truly takes a whole body wellness approach. I work in the natural food industry and had tried for months, unsuccessfully, to lose weight and feel more energetic. Sarah helped me create an easy way of eating for my body to help solve my gut and energy issues. She looks into every symptom you could be experiencing - from your skin to your energy levels, and of course she looks into all aspects of your digestion.  I came to Sarah feeling very run down, low energy, upset digestive patterns, etc. I learned so much from Sarah about how incorporating certain foods into my diet could help heal my gut, as well as eliminating a few ingredients that were no longer serving me. I was also able to eliminate all non-fruit sugars from my diet very easily with Sarah’s help. She is your constant motivator and support system, which is imperative in my opinion. Of course I strayed from my new lifestyle a few times, but Sarah was always checking in with me. After three months of working with Sarah, I have transformed into a much healthier version of my former self! I now cook most meals for myself from real, whole foods. I would highly recommend Sarah to help anyone reach their goals. She is extremely knowledgable, super fun and energetic, and makes you feel at ease. Thank you for everything Sarah!"

A note from sweet Karen: "I came to Sarah after a frustrating year of trying, unsuccessfully, to manage my autoimmune disease with medication alone. After some research I discovered that I needed to address the root cause of my illness and a balanced healthy diet is a vital component. I am not foodie, I do not like to cook and I don’t have a lot of time. I needed some serious help. From day one Sarah has been there with her guidance, support and encouragement, kindly helping me navigate through the overwhelming amount of information out there. She really listens and uses her wealth of knowledge to customize a program to meet the individual’s needs and interests. I learned so much from each session with her. At the end of the three months I was able to take all I’ve learned and really make a difference in my life. This was not a quick, temporary fix but a lifestyle transformation. I even think differently now. I no longer mourn the foods I cannot eat but look forward to experimenting with the foods I can eat.  Sarah is a beautiful person both inside and out. Along with her professionalism she radiates with positive, motivational energy. I felt inspired and vitalized after each session with her. I highly recommend working with Sarah. She will help set you on the path to finding balance and wellness in your own life."

Reading this made my day:
"Sarah is such a breath of fresh air! My 12-year old daughter needed a little extra guidance on eating healthier. Sarah taught her how to make healthy FUN and TASTY meals! From the first meeting she loved spending every minute with Sarah ... she has such a positive, fun, realistic approach to educating about nutrition and wellness! Together they made healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options that were in line with foods she already liked as well as new ones! My daughter is motivated to make healthy meals ahead, is more conscious about portions and feels better! We LOVE Sarah!"

LOVE working with enthusiastic people who are eager to learn how to eat healthier and make positive changes for enhanced wellbeing

My 12 year old client Ella is a total natural in the kitchen. Yesterday, together we made spaghetti squash "pasta" with shredded roast chicken, baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, garlic, lemon, avocado and pesto. Here is the glowing feedback I got from her gorgeous mum:
"THANK YOU soooo much Sarah! Ella really likes your positive attitude about eating healthy delicious food! She got full eating the delicious spaghetti so she put it in the refrigerator and finished it 2 hours later when she got a little hungry! I loved it, so tasty and healthy."
1. Ella is embracing new foods (she never liked avocado before). 2. She is learning new cooking skills (baking, sautéing, knife skills, prepping, the art of seasoning, and handling animal proteins). 
3. Ella is making more mindful food choices.
4. Ella is slowing down to chew her food properly to register when she has had enough and better digest / absorb nutrients. 
5. Ella feels confident and empowered to apply what she has learned working with me to her daily school life.

My approach is enjoyable and sustainable

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I am still “on the program” and feeling very good. No hip pain! Stable weight at 127, down 15 lbs from when we started. Expect that A1C will be very good when I get it done in a few weeks. Thanks for everything! 

- Susanne, Marin Country, California

So rewarding to work with teenage girls to educate them at a young age about healthy eating and self-care

My daughter and I really enjoyed working with Sarah. We learned so much from her, and truly looked forward to our meetings together. Sarah was always understanding of our needs, and helped us implement many ideas that have greatly improved our eating habits. The best thing about Sarah is that she doesn't judge your bad habits, or strictly tell you that things need to be done only her way, but she helps you get started by making small, but important changes. Both my daughter and I are much healthier than we were before we worked with Sarah.

- Alessandra & Laura, California  

A glowing review from Susanne (age 58, pre-diabetic and auto-immune disease sufferer)    

I approached Sarah shortly after learning that I had been diagnosed as “pre-diabetic”.  This condition runs in my family and I was eager to find new ways to approach my diet to prevent the need for medication and negative long-term health impacts.  In addition, I suffer from several auto-immune issues and a painful hip bursitis that had begun to curtail some of my activities.  It was clearly time to take some action but I did not have the information I needed to change my habits easily and effectively.

Sarah brings a tremendous combination of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to her work.  She has practical solutions from exercise to diet to grocery shopping and recipes.  She has very positive energy and is able to encourage and motivate without being judgmental or preachy.  She has her clients’ best interests at heart and gets joy in seeing them succeed and attain their goals.

Sarah is organized and efficient.  She confirms meetings, sends out follow up notes and materials very promptly and checks in between appointments to monitor progress and provide feedback and encouragement.

Sarah customizes her approach to each client.  She listens carefully to your needs and concerns and helps you map out a set of goals and a game plan.  She is very current in her knowledge and provides many online and other supplemental resources as part of her services.

I could not recommend Sarah more highly.  Three months after we started I have lost 12 pounds, have lowered my blood sugar levels back to normal, and am feeling more energy and less pain.  I have significantly altered my diet without feeling “deprived”.  I am simply better able to select the right foods, interpret labels, avoid temptations, and enjoy a filling and wholesome diet that can be maintained for the long term.

If you are serious about  improving your own wellness, you could not select a better coach and mentor than Sarah Hawthorne. 

- Susanne, Marin County, California

Jon came to me wanting to change his sugar heavy diet so that he could gradually lose weight, improve his health conditions (including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and gout) and overall quality of life!    

I found myself needing a comprehensive and reliable resource on nutrition, as well as encouragement and support to work towards better overall health. I was at a very low energy point and feeling discouraged about the extra weight I had gained. 

In my first conversation with Sarah, she told me how she thought her program could help me overcome the general lack of progress on the health front. It all sounded convincing to me, so I signed up for six sessions with her. Over that time, Sarah gave me a broad education in how I could give myself a much healthier lifestyle including nutrition. 

We met for one hour every two weeks, either in person or by phone. I would update Sarah before the meeting on current status. The first priority of the meetings was to review my experience with shopping, food preparation, and eating since the last meeting. Secondly, Sarah would introduce new concepts such as supplements to counteract side effects of medicines. Third, we would agree on a plan for what to do next, such as planning to learn some new recipes, or to shop at markets with better quality food, etc.

The benefits of working with Sarah have been tremendous. I completely reversed my eating habits from poor to good. I feel confident and encouraged about my health. Finally, I lost a good amount of weight. Moving forward, Sarah gave me a vast amount of information and recommendations tailored to my life, to progress even further. 

- Jon S., Oakland, California

Rachel came to me for support and guidance with her nutrition and lifestyle balance, so that she could slow down and prioritize self-care, to be a good role model for her two daughters.      

I contacted Sarah because I was feeling fatigue from my busy daily schedule and running training program. As a runner I knew that I was not fueling properly for my runs because I was always exhausted. Sarah helped my recalibrate my meals during the day and to start making healthier food choices.  She provided me with many new recipes and cookbook recommendations that helped diversify my meals. She also worked with me to figure out the best supplements to help with boosting my moods and energy.

The greatest thing that Sarah taught me was to appreciate my health and focusing on mindfulness while eating and exercising. Really listening to my body and making the right choices. Having a mindful approach to eating and exercising has really been a huge shift for me and I believe will be the key to successfully implementing Sarah's recommendations.

Sarah was always punctual and prepared for our meetings. She was very responsive via email in between our meetings. Most of all Sarah was a great listener during our sessions, which is really the key to success. I really valued our time together and would highly recommend her.

- Rachel W., Mill Valley, California 

Bonnie's teenage daughter wanted personalized health coaching sessions with me to clean up her nutrition, improve her health and discover realistic tools for sustainable weight loss.      

Sarah came into our home to guide my 16 year old daughter to better understand how to make healthier food choices that will support her wellness goals. To every session, Sarah brought an upbeat energy that was inspiring and fun to be around. My daughter discovered how to make nutritious yet delicious recipes in the kitchen, such as a hearty veggie soup and a super simple stir fry. Her approached is balanced and teaches you to ditch the junk in favor for high quality whole foods provided by nature. My daughter made great progress at changing her eating habits, and received extra resources such as handouts, articles, travel tips, detailed session notes and meal suggestions.  

I thoroughly recommend working with Sarah if you want to gain a better understanding of how to eat for your unique body type and discover a love for healthy food. 

- Bonnie, Southern Marin County (USA)

Bob came to me struggling with blood sugar imbalances and gout flare ups. I taught him what to eat and when, supporting him nutritionally with specific nutrient dense whole foods and supplements to provide relief from his uncomfortable symptoms. By working with me as his very own personal Health Coach, Bob was able to help his body heal from the root cause.     

Sarah has been a joy to work with as I explored a path to better nutrition.  She has an excellent understanding of the intricacies of good nutrition, a great energy and a keen focus on my particular questions and concerns.  I now make much better choices for good health and feel that I have an advocate on my side with great ideas and an infectious enthusiasm.  She made such an impression on me I know have my two daughters (ages 19 and 22) scheduled for sessions with Sarah.  I would highly recommend Sarah as your nutritionist!

- Bob, Tiburon (USA)

Susan came to me to personally coach her daughter Emma (17 years of age) about healthy eating habits and self-care before she transitions from high school into college! I worked with Emma in a very hands on way, getting her in the kitchen to develop basic skills around preparing nutrient dense whole foods that taste delicious and nourish the body for vibrant health and energy.  

I would highly recommend Sarah as a coach for Health & Wellness. She met with my daughter over a 3 month period and really had an impact!  Sarah's style is open, friendly, approachable and fun.  She easily integrates nutritional tips with a fun cooking activity, so that it is more of an real life experience. Sarah is very flexible in her approach and works with her clients to best meet there needs.  Sarah is a great find right here in Mill Valley!.

- Susan S., Mill Valley (USA)

After stuggling with an eating disorder and depression, Alyson came to me wanting to learn how to eat the right foods for maximum nourishment, and how to take the very best care of herself, so that she can glow from the inside out! 

''I made the right choice when I decided to make Sarah my personal Health Coach''

For over 2 years I was fighting to overcome an eating disorder and depression. My parents tried everything, but nothing seemed to really work. So I started reading and looking for a holistic approach to overcome my issues. I saw Sarah's blog and website. Her articles seemed knowledgeable and her pictures showed natural warmth and charisma. No more diets, calories, pills or psychologists. Sarah taught me not only about S.O.U.L. foods, but about kindness, self love, and how to overcome my own self destructive thoughts, giving permission to myself to be a goddess in every way, shining from within.

I discovered how to nourish my body with intention, enjoying a wide variety of foods, to saying positive mantras that acknowledge what I'm capable of.  Even though she has amazing charisma, she's also extremely professional, always on time, and checking up on me between sessions, sending extra resources in every email (showing that she really cares about her clients). 

My perspective in life has changed in such positive ways since I met Sarah for the first time.  My dreams are becoming real life. I'm achieving ''my balance and wellness''. I can't even believe how beautifully every day is turning to be. I've started to handle problems in life smoothly, anxiety does not control my food choices or me anymore, and being in love with the world and myself is becoming a lifestyle. 

If you are looking to achieve not only healthy weight loss goals, but an overall enjoyable experience in your life, do not hesitate, this Aussie goddess will give you a helping hand, a motivated mindset and a kind heart who believes you are capable of anything.

- Alyson Huber (17 years old), Marin County (USA)

E.S. came to me wanting to develop an enjoyable yet sustainable approch to food! She realized that mindfullness and balance are key to eating well and feeling good, oh and not to fear eating healthy fats.  

I’ve participated in mainstream diet programs, such as weight watchers.  Working with Sarah was like the difference between flying coach and first class, and she enlightened me to new ideas around what is healthy!   Are you still tracking the one-eighth of an avocado that weight watchers allows you?  Sarah has some good news!  To get cooking lessons in my kitchen, and to learn how to make some simple delicious healthy meals from such a bright, cheerful, inspiring lady is such a luxury, I am so grateful I could have the experience.  Sarah will educate you around the latest information on health and wellness, from a holistic perspective, which includes recommending meditation videos, addressing the bigger picture of emotional needs, as well as having the latest information around chemical and hormonal balances.   I would recommend sessions with Sarah to any person trying to achieve a higher level of health and diet awareness.

- E.S., Marin County (USA)

Heidi has always felt healthy however she wanted to refine her food and lifestyle choices so that she could continue to feel vibrant as she gets a little older!

Sarah is fantastic!  She provided just the kind of thoughtful, encouraging advice and tools I needed to make a healthy start to 2015.  I left our session feeling positive about things I was already doing and optimistic about making changes to my diet and eating habits.  Her wealth of knowledge, warm approach and infectious enthusiasm have made me feel like I can make lasting changes in the way I eat and think about food (and doing things differently is not nearly as difficult as I imagined it to be!).  I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to eat healthier and truly enjoy nutritious food.

- Heidi B., Marin County (USA)

This client came to me in desperate need of creating balance in her life. She was self sabotaging with food on a regular basis and needed some professional yet personalized guidance and support. I was amazed that she managed to lose more than 20 pounds after just doing life coaching together. She continues to lose more weight as we work together on her nutrition.    

Sarah is the real deal.  She has transformed my life in so many ways.  I never learned how to cook (not good) and she comes in and we cook together, simple, healthy, easy to follow/remember recipes that are healthy for me.

For the most part, have been a healthy eater, but getting older, I really needed some guidance.  She has gone over the foods I eat and has made changes here and there, and has me eating way more vegetables than ever before in my life!  

I cannot say enough good things about my sessions with Sarah.  I have been impressed with her follow-ups re: my little health issues, checking in to see how certain foods have helped or hindered.  She is a real professional and knows exactly what she is doing and how to help you.

I really didn't think I needed a 'grocery store tour', but our tour at Whole Foods was enlightening and needed!  She really showed me stuff that I would have never known about.

If you are wanting some fresh, healthy recipe ideas, lose weight, help learning to cook (like me), some general inspiration, I cannot recommend Sarah enough. 

She has transformed my life more than she will ever know.  Thank you, Sarah!

- Anonymous Client, Marin County (USA)

Bill and Wendy live very busy lives with their professional career in television, travelling for work and raising their energetic 2 year old son. They came to me wanting to discover quick and easy ways to maximize their daily nutrition for optimum health without having to give up the things they love.   

We already knew about eating and living healthy, but we felt we needed more help and tools.  Are we really making the right food choices?  Is this good for us to eat or actually bad?  Questions we were asking ourselves everyday but now we met someone with all the answers.  From quick and tasty recipes, to how to make a trip to Whole Foods a whole new experience, Sarah not only fills in nutritional gaps but also opens new doors to better health.  We enjoyed our sessions with Sarah and found ourselves saying ³I didn¹t know that² with remarkable regularity during our time together.   Sarah is not only a nutritional and health wiz ­ she makes this all fun and enjoyable.  If you want to make good healthy decisions for you and your family ­ spend time with Sarah.  

- Bill & Wendy Burton, Marin County (USA)

Dr. Laura is a wonderful Naturopathic Doctor in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. I am fortunate to have a professional relationship with her by supporting her patients with their new found nutrition and lifestyle requirements for natural healing from the root cause.  

Sarah is one of my most favorite people!  She is a trusted health and wellness practitioner and a delight to spend time with.

While I've not worked with Sarah directly as a client, I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I send my patient's her way in order for them to get more support and hands-on help in making recommended dietary changes.  I know her to be bright, knowledgeable, inspiring and super fun to work with.

All my patients love Sarah and how she helps them form new healthful habits.  She will not just throw a dull meal plan at you, but will really take the time and go the extra mile to figure out what you like, what will work best for you, and what will fit into your life.

She has special talent for working with people who are struggling with adapting to and healing from food sensitivities or intolerances.  She'll go the market and really show you and teach you HOW to take care of yourself.

Above all else though, through personal experience, Sarah knows that true health is not just about being perfect all the time, but is really about balance.  Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds, gain more energy, vitality and joy or learn how to cope with your personal food restrictions, Sarah is the best person to help you reach your goals!

- Dr. Laura Figoski, San Francisco (USA)

Kimberly found herself constantly craving sugar and other forms of carbohydrates.  She wanted to get rid of these nagging cravings and shed excess pounds for enhanced vitality! 

When I met Sarah, I thought she was a vibrant, fun and positive woman. I signed up for several sessions with her and found her to be so knowledgeable about so many things.

I’ve taken her sessions slowly by gradually cutting back on gluten, dairy and sugar, and focusing on having more gluten free whole grains, clean protein and vegetables. I felt better right away, slept better, my stomach was not bloated anymore, I was thinking more clearly, I was not as tired and began to lose a few pounds. 

It’s been about two months now since I started and I’m down 8-10 pounds. There are days or times when I go off track, but right away I see the old symptoms come back and I don’t want to feel that way anymore, which keeps me motivated to stay on track. 

Every session I had with Sarah was so helpful... from nutrition discussions, to shopping at the grocery store, and hands on food workshops where I learned how to make healthy things like almond milk, chia pudding, overnight oats and spaghetti squash with turkey bolognese. I discovered great substitutions and tips to change my eating habits for the better. 

She is an absolute pleasure to be around, very professional and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend working with her, she will get you motivated and you will see results. It’s a journey and Sarah’s a great guide at helping you along the way. 

- Kimberly Schmidt, Marin County (USA)

Patience felt out of balance and reached out to me for support in losing weight naturally, clearing her stubborn acne, increasing her daily energy levels and sleeping better at night.

"I have been struggling for a long time with my weight, acne, feeling tired and bloated all the time, and not sleeping well. I tried everything I could think of to improved these areas in my life. I read books, tried every acne clearing skin product I could get my hands on, I tried quite a few diets, and if something said it would help with sleep (like lavender or make your bedroom pitch black) I tried it...but nothing worked for me. One day I stumbled across Sarah's website and after having a consultation I decided to work with her. I am sooooo HAPPY I did! After 3 months of Sarah's coaching, guidance, and support I feel better that I have ever felt before. I sleep through the night, my acne is clearing up, I no longer feel bloated, I have energy, and I'm losing weight. Sarah has taught me a lot, from meal planning to tools to help manage stress and so much more. She is so easy to talk to and her enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious! Sarah kept me motivated and if I had questions in between sessions or needed some support she was just an email away.

Thank you so much Sarah, I could not have done it without you!"

- Patience Comeaux, South Carolina (USA)

Caron reached out to me to learn natural, sustainable and enjoyable ways to lose weight and boost her overall vitality. 

Sarah was so patient and non-judgmental.  We went through everything step by step and leaned so much!  Sarah has great insight and suggestions on how to achieve your goals.  The things I gained from our sessions I will carry with me.  

Sarah will always have my gratitude.  I would highly recommend her for any number of things.  She has great insight and will get to the heart of the issue.

- Caron S., Marin County (USA)

James wanted me to help him identify a healthier lifestyle, that would include more nutritious foods and provide him the energy to excel during his hectic work schedule. 

Sarah’s coaching sessions provide me with delicious recipes, simple tools to curb my sugar cravings and guidance around getting back to a daily routine. She educated me on healthier food choices, helped me design a sensible weekly meal plan and most importantly, taught me how to sustain those changes moving forward. In addition, Sarah introduced me to nutritious snack options to eat in between meals, to keep me energized throughout the busy work day.

- James Knoblich, Seattle (USA)

Jennifer always had a positive outlook on life but she found when it came to shopping for healthy food and cooking nutritious meals at home, she was a little lost.

I moved to San Francisco in January and after several years of suffering from bloating, cramps, poor diet and bad skin, I decided to take this as an opportunity to start on my wellness journey and what better place than SF to do this! I started by visiting a naturopath, I've never been a fan of pills and antibiotics so this felt right. After lots of blood and food sensitivity tests, turns out I'm sensitive to 80% of my typical diet including egg, gluten, most dairy, oats and wheat as the main ones! My reaction - great, I might as well go live in the forest and eat leaves! That was until I met Sarah, first of all she is just a breath of fresh air, you can't help but feel positive and energetic when she is in your company and she just has a lovely way about her! We did the 1 hour healthy shopping tour first, this was great for me as I had not got a clue where to start and my cupboards at gone where completely empty, Sarah gave me lots if tips and things to look out for on labels! That was a good start! Now next task, I don't cook, I didn't even own pots and pans so I booked the 2 hour private cooking lesson! This was great as Sarah sent me all the ingredients in advance and then came to my flat to show me what to do! I was a bit disorganized and stressed from work that day but that didn't phase Sarah on the slightest! 

The thing about Sarah is that she really does genuinely care! She is always following up and checking in with me and even sent me some lots of tips of healthy restaurants/cafés in SF and social groups as I am new to the city! 

I'm still on my journey and it takes time to reverse 32 years of habits so I will definitely be calling on Sarah's help again soon!

- Jennifer G., San Francisco (USA)

Natalie signed up for my 3 month program to clean up her nutiriton and live a healthier lifestyle. She wanted tips to find balance and tools to maintain her wellness, especially when travelling around the world for work! Together we came up with the perfect plan for her crazy schedule and vegetarian way of eating. 

Sarah is an absolute inspiration! I live in London and Sarah communicated with me over Skype, as well as always being available for questions at any time during our health journey together. Each session was so informative and has really equipped me with the skills to live a much healthier lifestyle. I am also a vegetarian, and Sarah researched wonderful recipe ideas for me to ensure I was eating a balanced diet. I think that often we think we know what it means to be healthy - but it is really helpful to have someone coaching you along the way so you don’t fall of the wagon! It is really great having someone as knowledgeable as Sarah to chat to when you are feeling unbalanced. I never thought being healthy would be so simple and yet so delicious at the same time. I used to have rather healthy habits but now I have developed GREAT healthy habits that are all from Sarah - and that are EASY! I feel great and have so much energy. Thank you Sarah for all the knowledge you have given me.

- Natalie Wills, London (England)

Jenny came to me wanting to discover quick and easy ways to eat healthy.  She wanted to make better food choices so I provided her with nutritious substitutions that taste great (with the bonus of losing weight naturally without deprivation). Her energy and inspiration to be her best self skyrocketed during our time together. Now Jenny has these special tools for a feel good life! 

Sarah truly made such an impact on my health & wellness.  She is an absolute gem that everyone should include in their lives.  Her influence and wealth of information has changed my life forever.   In six weeks I learned a lifetime of information on how to eat, what to eat, food preparation, health products and self care. 

- Jenny Tuthill, Marin County (USA)

Margaret was skeptical of what my personalized Health Coaching program would do for her, however she gave it a go as she wanted to feel her best again after going through menopause and battling with her weight.  She was thrilled with her results, here's what she had to say:

From Skepticism to Success with Sarah

Finding myself post menopause and unhappy with the losing battle to keep my weight at a satisfactory level, I was grateful for the opportunity to try coaching with Sarah.  Initial reservations subsided with Sarah's gentle and client centered approach.  Sarah gathered a clear history of my dietary and health background.  She also carefully explored the psychological components behind my current state.

With each session I felt my defenses diminishing and gradually learned to embrace Sarah's advice and reassurance.  Surprisingly, I found Sarah's approach to be balanced and humane.  Not for her the textbook espousing of calories and fat content.  Sarah's perspective on life and well-being is simple, real and heart warming.  Quite simply, Sarah helps you feel better both inside and out.

Thank you Sarah, I have achieved far more than I expected to and know that I will be able to sustain the changes made.  I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to work with you.

- Margaret Silverton, Melbourne (Australia)

Andie came to me to enhance her motivation, embrace self acceptance, prioritize self care and live her best life.

I feel so lucky to have met Sarah!  She is such a naturally positive and kind person that she really brings out the best in me.  She pushes me to stay on track, motivates me to take better care of myself, and inspires me to live a better life each day at a time.  My favorite thing about her is she makes me feel like what I'm doing is worth something by showing me my own value and reminding me to be a priority in my own life, which has always been a difficult task for me.  Sometimes I feel uncomfortable about certain aspects of my life, but Sarah has taught me to accept myself for who I am, be comfortable in my own skin all while actively guiding me to change these things for the better.  Sarah never makes you feel bad for accidentally slipping up or doing the wrong thing.  The unique part about Sarah is that I haven't ever once felt like I am making changes for her approval, but only for my own which is the greatest gift she can give anyone. 

- Andie Y., San Francisco (USA)

Noelle wanted me to help her make healthier food and lifestyle choices by learning how to meal plan and shop for nutritious wholefoods.

Sarah is one of the most passionate people when it comes to health, balance and wellness.  She truly inspires me to take better care of my body, mind and spirit by offering genuine advice about eating right, exercising, and focusing on my goals.  She shares fabulous healthy recipes, creates personal meal plans, makes shopping lists (grocery shopping made easy!) and helps set my sights on a healthier me. 
- Noelle Siewert, Marin County (USA)

With my personalized coaching, Sara wanted to discover daily tools she could use to enhance and sustain her nutrition and fitness. 

Sarah is amazing!  Her approach is kind but knowledgeable, and you feel like you could tell her anything.  She brought out feelings in me I didn't even know that I had, and encouraged me to take some time and do something truly for me.  One of her greatest abilities is to break down what I thought were insurmountable tasks (menu, exercise, supplements) and make them easy to understand and doable.
I feel like with Sarah helping to coach my path, I can finally get to a place in my health that I have wanted to obtain for longer than I care to admit.  Our health is the most important thing we have to nurture, and I feel like she gave me the tools and the encouragement to change my entire life for the better.  I highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for a partner to help them on this journey!
- Sara Jennings, San Francisco (USA)

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