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with Sarah Hawthorne


Beat the cold + flu: Discover natural ways to help boost your immune system

It’s that time of year where the nasty winter cold and flu is going around and we are all susceptible to catching it. This week my husband and I both got sick at the same time, so I felt inspired to share with you some of our self-care and natural healing tools that can help to fight it off quicker. 

The key is to boost the immune system in the following ways: 

*Drink bone broth (from grass fed animals) or use it to make a hearty chicken + veggie soup. 

*Take a Vitamin C supplement and drink lemon water through the day.

*Take a daily probiotic.

*Supercharge your immune system with this dynamite trio: Zinc, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A (fully formed retinol). Note: with supplements, you get what you pay for, so opt for the highest quality possible. Pharmaca and Whole Foods Market sell reputable brands. 

*Keep your fluids up by drinking lots of pure filtered or natural spring water. Herbal tea varieties (especially Echinacea or ginger) and fresh organic veggie juice are other great options.    

*Stay warm, rest up and sleep a lot. Put that alarm clock away and let your body get as much sleep as it needs to fully repair and rejuvenate. 

*Flush the lymphatic system by dry body brushing, then have a warm shower or bath, and finish by massaging your body with high quality oil such as pure jojoba

*When possible, air out your house by opening up all the windows. Get outside in the fresh air and possibly soak up some healing sunshine. 

*If your throat is sore, try some slippery elm lozenges.  

*Be mindful that stress and sugar will deplete your immune system, so manage / avoid both of these when you are run down. 

Note: these are just general suggestions to try, I am clearly not a doctor. If needed, please seek medical support.

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