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with Sarah Hawthorne


3 Simple + Effective Ways To Cut Down On Sugar

Yep! For the most part, it is SUGAR that is making us fat and sick. What's unfortunate is that it is hidden in so many different food products, and it is extremely addictive, making us crave more, more, more. Have you fallen victim to sugar? I am going to share with you my favorite ways to finally ditch excess sugar in your daily food intake. Read on... 

1. Ditch the packaged and processed stuff and replace it with real food - yep that's it: vegetables the color of the rainbow, fresh fruit, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, high quality animal protein, herbs and spices etc. No added sugar hiding in these super foods.     

2. Ditch the sweetened beverages: flavored tea, coffee, cocktails, soda and fruit juice etc. Instead opt for naturally sweet herbal tea varieties like hibiscus and rooibos. Get black coffee with your preferred unsweetened milk of choice. Enjoy sparking mineral water with a slice of fresh citrus instead of regular soda and diet soda. Sip on vegetable juice instead of fruit juice. 

3. Be smart when it comes to desert. Wanting something a little sweet? Opt for my personal favorite: fresh berries with a dusting of cinnamon and crushed pecans. Savor a couple of squares of organic dark chocolate (min 70% but ideally 85%) - this is one of my most decedent pleasures. 

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