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My Beauty Regime: for acne-prone and sensitive skin

Again, just like there is not one way of eating that suits everyone, there is not one skin regime that suits everyone either. New, better quality, and more effective products are launching on to the market faster than anyone can keep track of... and it can be hard to know which "claims" to believe, and which products really "work". That's why I want to share with you my favorite products and skin care routine, for acne-prone and sensitive skin:

The Routine:

Morning: cleanse, tone and moisturize with SPF
Evening / before bed: cleanse, tone and moisturize without SPF

The Products: 
*Charcoal cleanser from Skin Salvation using warm water to rinse  
*A weekly purity detox scrub that removes dead cells and polishes up my skin as if I have just has a facial
*Toner sprayed on a flat, round and organic cotton pad to remove any remaining dirt after cleansing
*Moisturizer / hydrating cream from Skin Salvation (without SPF) to prevent my skin from drying out
*Lightly tinted moisturizer with SPF 40 for a natural day look without the need for makeup *Can buy from Amazon
*Lip balm to keep my lips moist and ultra kissable for my husband (haha) *Can buy on for cheaper  

Skin Rules:

During the day I don’t make a habit of touching my face. I try to keep it as clean and fresh as possible, free of unwanted dirt or undesirable bacteria that may contribute to break outs. I wash my shower towel and pillowcases / bedding once a week using natural and unscented laundry liquid. I also wash my makeup brushes using my charcoal cleanser once a week. And lastly, I always wash my face immediately after a sweaty workout!     

Organic jojoba oil is what I use to moisturize my skin from the neck down. I love this oil because it is as close as it gets to matching my skins natural pH level and balance. It is non-clogging, super light and gentle for sensitive skin. You can trust it because it contains just one, pure and naturally derived ingredient (organic jojoba oil), whereas any other regular moisturizer from the store will have a lengthy list of ingredients on the label. Unless you are an expert, who knows exactly what they are and what they are doing to our health. 
I get a facial once every 4-6 weeks to clear any congested pores via extractions, and rejuvenate the skin on a cellular level.  

The makeup I use for special occasions only is by Alima Pure (powdered concealer, foundation, bronzer and blush). It is really important to go makeup-free as often as possible to let the skin breathe and keep the pores clear. On my eyes I use eye shadow and mascara by Jane Iredale, and the lipstick I use that doesn’t clog the pores around my lips is called Hemp Organics

For additional acne management: Clarity Serum used once a day, ideally in the AM, helps to control blemish prone skin. And for a topical dose of Vitamin A, which promotes cell turnover to help prevent acne, I use Serum 16 in the evening. Both of these products are applied after toning, before moisturizing.  

Other "Go To" Products:

Sunscreen for the body - light, clear on skin, easy to rub in, no mess and very effective

Cucumber melon shower gel - lightly scented, gentle and silky soft   

Shampoo - fragrance free, gentle and acne safe (so no stress if you get some on your forehead while washing) 

Conditioner - specifically designed to be acne safe and fine for sensitive skin

Deodorant - natural and super effective, easy roll on  

Toothpaste - fluoride free, SLS free, doesn't irritate skin, won't cause acne around the mouth, no overpowering taste   

Mouth wash - ultra natural, organic, good for sensitive skin, won't cause acne, can accidentally dribble down your chin without worry, pleasant and subtle taste 

You may be able to find products that are even more "pure" out there, but this is what has worked for me after battling acne since I was a teenager. I feel this regime keeps my acne manageable, and my skin naturally healthy and clear. Remember, your skin is a reflection of your internal health. Eating nutritious and high quality whole foods is very important. For more information on this, check out last week's blog post: A Complete Guide To Glowing, Beautiful and Sexy Skin At Any Age.

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding the information covered in this blog post:  Also, join me for a complimentary nutrition and health consultation to achieve glowing and healthy skin naturally from the inside out!