My Balance & Wellness
with Sarah Hawthorne


Discover My Favorite Body Products!

I am really conscious about what I put on my skin. Over the years I have continued to refine and "clean up" my beauty supply. I look back on some of the products I used to use and I think "YUCK... what was I thinking". I guess I wasn't thinking really, I was just after 1 thing: to look good! I didn't consider the long list of nasty ingredients that were being absorbed by my skin into my precious system on a daily basis. Fortunately NOW I am aware, and I want to share with you some of my personal favorite body products. 

Photo by the talented Joe Lee

SKIN: Before you shower, try dry body brushing to gently dust away dead skin cells all over your body to assist detoxification, improve circulation, encourage cell renewal and boost the immune system. In the shower, I like to give my feet some TLC by using a pumice stone to remove dead skin from the bottom of my feet and smooth out any rough corners. After my shower, I religiously massage my body from the neck down with jojoba oil, which leaves my skin feeling luxuriously soft and healthy.

MOUTH: Obviously first I brush and floss my teeth and gums, then I like to use a tongue scraper to clean my tongue. You can read more information about this daily practice here. But it doesn't stop there... After I like to give my whole mouth a thorough cleanse by swishing around some natural mouth wash. It really leaves me feeling fresh and I know it is getting into all the little places I may have missed.

OTHER: Besides shampoo and conditioner, there really aren't any other hair products I use. But recently I purchased a wooden hairbrush made in Italy called Widu that is so soft and gentle on my tangle prone hair. I just love it. As far as natural deodorants go, this one by Real Purity is definitely my favorite as it is gentle on my skin and super effective. 

FACE: Having acne prone skin, I make sure non of the products I use on my face will clog my pores. That's why I LOVE Alima Pure's "powdered" mineral makeup. It's the "cleanest" and most "acne safe" brand I have found. You can apply it lightly for a natural daytime look or build it up for a sexier night time look with fuller coverage. Lastly, one thing you will never find me without is some lip balm. My go to is AnneMarie Borlind, For Lips. When applied, it leaves your lips feeling moisturized and ultra kissable ;-) And once again, it doesn't clog pores (hooray).

For more information on the purity and safety of different body products, check out the Environmental Working Group's websites called Skin Deep. For support in cleaning up your body products, food choices and lifestyle, contact me for a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation. To learn more information about my personalized Health Coaching service, click here.