My Balance & Wellness
with Sarah Hawthorne


Going on a trip? Discover my top 3 healthy travel tips for max vitality!

This week I was fortunate to visit friends in Palm Springs for a few days of poolside serenity in the heart of the desert. My clients always ask me, “How do you travel so much and still manage to stay so healthy?” That’s a good question! Honestly, staying healthy requires a little planning and effort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. 

Photo by Kari Humphrey

Tip #1
Pack supplies. Don’t rely on your accommodation to provide things like high quality "natural" + "organic" body products. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. I use mini travel-sized bottles from the pharmacy and fill them up with my own trusted cleanser, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer. I also pack a mini toothpaste tube that is Fluoride and SLS free, and organic bug spray

Tip #2
Pack nutritious food snacks. Yes indeed, airports are notorious for serving junk food to travelers. So it is really important that you bring your own snacks to fuel and nourish properly while getting from A to B. Some of my personal favorites are: Brazil nuts (loaded with Selenium, an important mineral for healthy thyroid function), pumpkin seeds (for a good dose of magnesium to help prevent muscle cramps, tightness and stiffness when flying), carrot sticks (great for stabilizing blood sugar levels) and an apple (low sugar fruit that doesn’t get bruised easily). 

High quality supplements count as a significant source of nutrients. Here are a few ideas to consider: A good multi vitamin / multi mineral can be beneficial when you are traveling to places with less fresh fruit and vegetables available.  Travelers probiotics can help to maintain a strong immune system and replenish health-promoting bacteria in the mucosal lining of your intestines. And lastly, packing some magnesium citrate can help to relieve any constipation you may encounter.   

Tip #3
Make an effort to stretch and walk around where possible (pack your walking shoes). You can do this at the airport, on a flight, when you wake up each morning in your accommodation, during the middle of the day and before you go to bed. This can help to maintain fitness and flexibility.  

Join me for a complimentary health consultation where we will discuss your health goals and come up with a realistic plan to achieve them. Good health is not a destination. It is a way of life to embrace every single day. It goes beyond the physical body and what you eat. It involves mindfulness in every moment and a balanced lifestyle. That's what I am here to support you with.