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The Importance Of Choosing Certified Organic

As a Certified Health Coach and proud ambassador for Australian Organic, people turn to me for guidance and support around improving their nutrition and wellbeing. Sometimes they come with misconceptions about organic food. “Oh it’s so expensive and I hear that there is no difference between the nutrient levels in organic food versus conventional food” I often hear them say, or “It says ‘organic’ so it must be totally organic right?” Well, I want to explain to you why eating certified organic is so important for your own health, the wellbeing of your family, and the sustainability of the planet.

Photo by  Sara Jennings  

Photo by Sara Jennings 

Certified organic food grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers is in fact higher in nutritional value because it is grown in better quality soil that is rich in minerals due to natural farming practices such as crop and animal rotation. Also, plants grown without pesticides have to work that much harder to survive and thrive, and as a result develop the very nutrients, including valuable phytochemicals, that help us to stay adequately nourished and healthy.

My clients and I believe that certified organic food tastes way better. Test it out for yourself by trying a selection of certified organic produce along side the heavily sprayed foods on the “dirty dozen” list, which not only taste inferior, but also add a huge toxic burden to your liver and entire body. No thanks! I swear there is nothing more delicious than a super ripe organic strawberry picked fresh from your own garden or bought from the local farmer’s market.

Certified organic food can be more expensive, but I personally would rather pay a little more for my health now as a preventative measure, than in huge medical bills later down the track due to chronic disease, illness or even cancer. By ensuring my food is of the highest quality, I physically feel more energized and full of vitality. My digestive system is noticeably happier and healthier, my liver less burdened, my immune system stronger, inflammation is minimized, and my skin much clearer.

Hot tip: shop smart by visiting the local farmer’s market just before closing time so you can get the best deals (they are basically throwing left over produce at you to get rid of it quickly). Or, shop at a health foods store when things are on sale and significant savings can be made. Don’t get stuck in the expensive trap of buying the pre-chopped and nicely packaged produce from the store… instead buy it in its cheaper whole form without the pretty wrapping and chop it up yourself when you get home.

Conventional food is full of health sabotaging toxic chemicals. Not only is this exposure detrimental to your body when consumed on a regular basis, it is also severely damaging the environment, such as compromised wildlife and domestic animal health, decreased air quality, depleted nutrients and microorganisms in the soil, and polluted water supplies. Even the farmers spraying these dangerous pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are getting sicker and sicker, and so are members of their surrounding community.

Vote with your forks friends! Each thoughtful food purchase adds up, and the only way to know for sure that it’s of the highest quality and been produced organically from production to shelf is to buy certified organic. Keep in mind my favorite food rule: enjoy an abundance of “SOUL Foods” in your daily diet for vibrant health:  Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local. It’s as simple as that!

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