My Balance & Wellness
with Sarah Hawthorne


Stop and smell the roses… How to get more pleasure out of your day.

There is no doubt we live in a super fast paced modern world. One thing every client of mine wishes for is more time; time for themselves, their kids, their spouse and to do the things they love etc. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed out and burnt out, like you are living on autopilot just trying to keep your head above water to get through the day. Prioritizing time for the things we truly need such as rest, relaxation, sleep, self-care and time in nature can seem impossible. However, it is up to us to realize that it is not sustainable to keep living life like this. The reason I called my Health Coaching practice “My Balance and Wellness” was because I used to be the person I am describing here. I experienced a total burn out and needed to make positive changes in my life to regain “my balance and wellness”.

In this blog post, I want to inspire you to stand up for what you want in your life and make it happen. Here are some tips: 

*Wake up a little earlier to start the day on a feel good note by embracing self-care: meditate, exercise, enjoy a nourishing breakfast and / or watch the sunrise. You can get any of these simple activities done in as little as 15 – 30 minutes, but the positive effects they have on your wellbeing are long lasting. 

*Break up your workday with healthy breaks: step outside and soak up the fresh air, embrace “walking meetings”, take a proper lunch break to enjoy your meal and relax in the sunshine and / or refresh your mind by stepping away from your computer to make a cup of tea.

*Make the most of your commute: play your favorite music, call a loved one for a catch up chat, take the prettier route and / or carpool with friends to make the drive more fun. 

*Create mealtime rituals: set the table beautifully, play some ambient background music, cook with a loved one to make it more fun and / or engage your senses when you eat to get maximum pleasure out of your meal. 

*Schedule time on your busy calendar for your passions, hobbies and friends. They fuel your vitality so that you feel inspired to live your best life. 

*Treat yourself regularly to a relaxing massage, facial and / or weekend getaway to rejuvenate. 

*Prioritize sleep so that your body can rest and recharge for the next day so that you can feel your best and function optimally. 

*Remember to give thanks for the blessings in your life. A little gratitude goes a long way, so consider writing down three things you cherish about your life before you go to bed. 
*When you get home from an intense workday, switch off completely by embracing a wind down ritual: take a soothing bath, do some yoga, spend time with your family (pets included) and / or read a book.  

*Pay attention to the smallest details: have fresh flowers in the house, green up your home with pot plants, light candles at night, serve your food on pretty plates, keep your space clean and organized, write a letter to someone you love on beautiful stationary, invest in pieces you love (such as clothing, furniture and accessories), pause to take in the view from your window, sit in nature with your eyes closed and notice the sounds around you, smell your food before you eat it and / or savor that piece of dark chocolate. 

Life is what you make it – so pay attention to the smallest details and relish in simple pleasures – as that is where true beauty is found.  

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