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Thanksgiving Recovery Tips: Ditch the Bloat + Get Back on the Healthy Eating Track

Likely, you are feeling really full from that tasty thanksgiving feast. Well I have just what you need to feel healthy, naturally slim and energized again. Read on for my 3 simple post-meal recovery tips. 

Photo by Kari Humphrey

1. Simply get back on the healthy eating track! 
Start the following day with a nourishing breakfast (you may like to opt for a smoothie to give your digestive system a bit of a break), have a nutrient dense lunch (consider a leafy green salad to cleanse your system), and enjoy leftovers for dinner such as a wholesome turkey + veg soup (ideally keeping portions on the lighter side). 

2. Hydrate through the day between meals
Lemon water is a great way to alkalize your body and flush any toxins out of your system (especially from alcohol and sugar consumption). Fresh made veggie juice is another great choice (click here for "how to make" video)! 

3. Seek digestive and overall GI support
If your gut isn’t feeling great the day after Thanksgiving, there are some gentle and natural aids you can consider. 

*Tea varieties that can help for gas and resulting mild bloating include peppermint, fennel and ginger, so sipping on one or a combination of these may help to provide some relief.

*Chew your food thoroughly. Chewing is the only voluntary part of digestion, the rest happens automatically in our GI tract. Mindfully chewing can really help your stomach to do its job properly, and then the intestines can also do their job properly. 
*Taking a digestive enzyme in the middle of a meal that is heavier or richer than you are used to can also help with gas and bloating. It helps to breakdown food thoroughly in the intestines, so that nutrient absorption is enhanced, and anything else can be moved along as waste. 

*Diluting some raw apple cider vinegar in pure spring or filtered water approx. 15-20 minutes before a meal can improve digestion by increasing stomach acid production (or for those of you who need this type of gentle stomach acid support on a more regular basis, it can be smart to take it in the middle of a meal so that your stomach doesn’t get lazy and become dependent on it for acid production). Start with 1 tablespoon and optionally work up from there. 
Note: Be mindful that you don’t want to drink too much liquid around or during meal time to avoid diluting stomach acid, so keep levels low and overall intake to a minimum where possible.

Bonus tip: have a break from alcohol, sugar and flour products. By doing this you will give your body a chance to thoroughly reset and revitalize. 

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