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Prone to Headaches? Here are some natural remedies to try

Headaches can be caused by imbalance in the body, especially excess inflammation. The key to conquering frequent headaches once and for all is to get to the root cause. In this week’s blog post, I share with you some of my favorite natural remedies that can be very effective. 

Photo by Joe Lee ( )

Photo by Joe Lee (

1.    Identify food sensitivities via a food elimination trial (aka elimination diet) or an IgG4 Food Sensitivity Test. Gluten is a common trigger for many sufferers. 
2.    For natural pain relief try Meriva Curcumin (aka Turmeric, Thorne Research is a great brand) and / or high quality fish oil (I like Nordic Naturals or Metagenics).
3.    Hydrate and eat a healthy snack. People often get headaches due to dehydration or lack of nourishment. 
4.    Step outside to get some fresh air and sun light. Working away indoors all day under artificial lighting can really mess with our heads. 
5.    De-stress and take some deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly to calm the nervous system and oxygenate your brain. 
6.    Switch off all technology devices. Our eyes and brain can only focus for so long. Be sure to give them a healthy break to avoid a straining headache.
7.    Take a closer look at the cleanliness of your environment. Are there toxins or allergens such as chemicals, mold, dust, commercial air fresheners, scented candles, or animal dander etc. 
8.    Consider ditching scented body products and perfumes. These personally give me a headache.  

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