My Balance & Wellness
with Sarah Hawthorne


The Snack That's Better Than Energy Bars

Ok, so I am totally addicted to this super healthy snack. Between meals, if I experience a little hunger, slump in energy, or need an extra boost for a heart pumping workout, I simply make the following: 

INGREDIENTS (all organic where possible)
*½ small banana
*1-2 tbsp. dry roasted almond butter (or any nut / seed butter of your choice – I like Masa Organics from my local Farmer’s Market on Sunday in San Rafael, or Artisana based out of Berkeley)
*Raw cacao nibs (no more than 1 tbsp.)
*Raw pumpkin and / or sunflower seeds (no more than 1 tbsp.)

*Slice the banana into coin like shapes
*Spread on almond butter to your desired thickness
*Sprinkle the raw cacao nibs and seeds on top to garnish with crunchy goodness
*Enjoy the blissful flavor, texture: where creamy meets crunchy, and the instant energy hit 

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