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My Favorite Smoothie Recipe - The Perfect Breakfast

Make fiber, protein and fat your best friends when it comes to making smoothies. Here’s an example of how I like to make mine...

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MYTH BUSTER: Fat makes you fat, clogs arteries and gives you heart attacks!

Nature put fat in foods like avocadoes, eggs, nuts and seeds etc. for a reason – never underestimate its intelligence. Natural whole fats are an important nutrient required for vibrant health. We simply wouldn’t be healthy or survive without them. 

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Prone to eating too much? Here are 5 simple ways to manage your portions.

I get it, food tastes amazing, so it’s easy to get carried away and end up eating too much in one sitting, especially as the holiday season is upon us. Well, as your very own personal Health Coach, I am here to help you and my clients figure out simple ways to still enjoy your meals, while ensuring you also feel comfortable and guilt free afterwards.

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